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We’re thrilled to power both your local Repco store and your local coffee shop. Your favourite Zambrero fresh-mex order and your weekend market treats. Where you go for makeup at SEPHORA, to find the latest fashion trends at COUNTRY ROAD, to refresh with new homeware at Adairs, and to have a fun night out Holey Moley Golf Club. From attending the big match or seeing your favourite artist at Eden Park, to the small business down the street – Skyzer is proud to help businesses across NZ do what they do best.

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Desk 5000 or Move 5000 – Which One is Right for You?

Looking for the perfect payment terminal for your business? Check out our comprehensive comparison between the Ingenico Desk 5000 and Ingenico Move 5000 models.

Transparency and EFTPOS Fees

Dive into a world where fees are clear, contracts are straightforward, and every transaction is a step towards your success.

Small Business Guide To Choosing An EFTPOS Machine

Short guide to help business owners deciding which type of EFTPOS terminal is right for their business.

General Collective Markets – Special Offer

Lock in this special offer and enjoy delighting your customers with colour at your next General Collective Market.

Portable and Affordable

Elevate your small business with the pinnacle of portable EFTPOS technology—the Move 5000. Discover excellence that won’t break the bank and won’t give you a headache.

The Secret Psychology of Customer Checkout Behaviour

Ever mindlessly add a chocolate bar at checkout? The psychology of colours, placement, and even the terminal itself influence these decisions. We’re here to help you leverage these tips to create a frictionless, sales-boosting checkout experience.

Which terminal is right for your business?

Discover Tetra by Ingenico—your tailored payment solution. From cafes to tradies, find the perfect fit for seamless business transactions.

Never Give Up: Amber and Basalaj Beauty

Amber Basalaj creator and founder of Basalaj Beauty on the Skyzer podcast – Beyond the Transaction.

Resources to Help You Do What You Do Best.

Have any questions on getting started with your Ingenico terminal? Check out our helpful Quick and Ready Ref Guides to answer any queries!

Building a Brand: Jess Owen and the Power of Pink

Jess Owen on the Skyzer podcast – Beyond the Transaction.

Terminal Sunset Date

Payments New Zealand has announced that PCI v3 EFTPOS terminals must be removed from the market by 30 June 2024.

Getting Started with EFTPOS – Costs and Considerations

Simplify your EFTPOS costs: transparent terminal fees, network connections, and internet options. Update your transactions stress-free.

Masterclass in Payments with Pat McCammon

Pat McCammon on the Skyzer podcast – Beyond the Transaction.

Merchant & Terminal ID Numbers: A Beginner’s Guide for New Business Owners in New Zealand

How to sort your Merchant Number and Terminal ID Number.

Surcharges On Contactless Payments Explained: Pros And Cons

The question is, what are the benefits (and potential drawbacks) of implementing this practice?

Beyond the Transaction: Skyzer’s the Limit

Are you after a new podcast listen? Sick of listening to old white men over Zoom calls? Want to hear about current local creatives in New Zealand? Beyond the Transaction is the answer.

Terminal Management System (TMS)

A Terminal Management System, or TMS as it is known in the payments industry, is a system that manages the delivery of software to terminals installed throughout the country.

Introducing the SUNMI P2 Android Terminal

Discover the Skyzer SUNMI P2: A groundbreaking Android EFTPOS terminal, blending innovation and efficiency for seamless, secure transactions. Unveiling the future of payments in New Zealand.

Skyzer’s Hardware Warranty and Repair Service

We understand the significance of a robust and dependable EFTPOS terminal in your day-to-day operations. Enjoy peace of mind with our Hardware Warranty.

Terminal Add-Ons and Configurations

Explore our cutting-edge terminal add-ons — support, logos, contactless payments, and more. Elevate your business with customised solutions for seamless transactions

Software Compliance

What is Software Compliance? Learn everything you need to know – but in short, it ensures uninterrupted security with mandatory updates, shielding EFTPOS systems from evolving threats.

5 Tips To Enhance Customer Experience

Our top five tips for developing a fantastic in-store experience for your customers.

A Sustainable Journey with Eco-Designed Payment Terminals

Explore Skyzer’s eco journey—a testament to sustainability. From reducing waste in product design to strategic partnerships for responsible waste management, we’re committed to a greener future.

Skyzer’s Commitment to Equity: A Proud Living Wage Employer

Good for business, good for workers, good for society. Skyzer is proud to officially become a Living Wage Employer.

Your business should be bold, distinctive, and memorable

Every business has its own story, its own personality, and its own vibrant spirit. It’s time to be bold, distinctive, and memorable with our coloured eftpos terminals.

Contactless Payments

Discover the security evolution in electronic payments. For businesses, adopting contactless isn’t just a trend—it’s a pivotal step in meeting customer expectations and thriving in the modern market.

4 Elements of EFTPOS Efficiency

Reliability, security, communication, and training – the four core elements to ensuring you’re getting the most out of your EFTPOS terminal provider.

Customised Branding

We understand that every detail matters, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower businesses with the tools they need.

Merchant Services Explained

Covering what business owners need to know about merchant services fees and how partnering with Skyzer and BNZ can provide a one-stop solution to manage these fees.

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