Coloured EFTPOS terminals with brand's logos on the screens

At Skyzer, we recognise that a business’s success is not just about transactions; it’s about creating a memorable and cohesive brand experience. Our commitment to customised branding extends beyond the aesthetic appeal—it’s about fostering a connection between the merchant and their customers.

Every time a customer completes a transaction, they’re not just interacting with a payment terminal; they’re engaging with a branded touchpoint that reinforces the essence of the business. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to leave a lasting impression, making your business stand out in the minds of your customers.

But the benefits don’t stop there. In a world saturated with generic branding, having your logo on the EFTPOS terminal creates a sense of ownership and pride for both business owners and their customers. It transforms a routine transaction into a branded moment, elevating the overall shopping experience.

Moreover, our streamlined process makes it effortless for merchants to incorporate their logo onto the terminal’s screen. Simply provide us with a high-quality image file of your logo when placing your terminal order, and consider it done. No extra cost, no hassle—just a seamless integration of your brand into the heart of every transaction.

Skyzer is not just a provider; we’re your partner in enhancing your brand’s visibility and impact. We understand that every detail matters, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower businesses with the tools they need to shine in a competitive market.

So, why settle for a generic EFTPOS experience when you can have a personalised touch that resonates with your brand values? Choose Skyzer and redefine the way your customers connect with your business—one transaction at a time.

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