We are driven by technology, where efficiency and reliability are paramount, businesses need tools that not only perform seamlessly but also come with a guarantee of quality and durability. Here at Skyzer, we understand the significance of a robust and dependable EFTPOS terminal in your day-to-day operations. Our hardware warranty ensures your peace of mind and business continuity.

Unraveling the Warranty Provisions and Service Return to Base

Imagine a world where worries about manufacturing defects and material failures are a thing of the past. With Skyzer’s cutting-edge EFTPOS terminals, that world is not a mere dream, but a reality we bring to your fingertips. We proudly offer an unbeatable standard 3-year return-to-base warranty on all purchased terminals, and a solid 1-year warranty for our PIN pads, all meticulously designed to provide you with the utmost assurance and confidence..

Our Repair Service “Return to Base” (RTB) refers to in the event of a malfunction or issue with the EFTPOS terminal, the merchant (you) is required to return the faulty terminal to Skyzer for repair.

Here’s how our “Return to Base” process works:

  1. Identification of Issue:
    • You identify a problem with the EFTPOS terminal, whether it’s a technical malfunction, hardware issue, or any other problem affecting its functionality.
  2. Contact Skyzer:
    • You contact Skyzer to report the issue.
  3. Troubleshooting Guidance:
    • As a part of our Support packages we will troubleshoot over the phone to diagnose and likely resolve the issue remotely.
  4. Return Authorisation:
    • However, in the unlikely event that the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, and if the terminal is still under warranty, we will issue a return authorisation.
  5. Packaging and Shipping:
    • You will then carefully pack the EFTPOS terminal and organise a courier to deliver it to the Skyzer Warehouse.
  6. Repair or Replacement:
    • Once received, our service team runs rigorous testing to assess the terminal’s condition and will perform necessary repairs. In some cases, the terminal may be replaced with a functional terminal.
  7. Return to User:
    • After the repair or replacement is completed, the EFTPOS terminal is sent back to you at your business location.

“Return to Base” services provide a structured process for addressing technical issues and ensuring that repairs are carried out by authorised technicians. This approach helps maintain not only security and integrity of the EFTPOS machine but also yours as a business owner. It is imperative that repairs are performed by experts of both the hardware and software, which Skyzer happens to be.

Why Our Warranty Stands Out

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction goes beyond mere words. With each transaction, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re backed by Ingenico, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the payment industry. We are not just another service provider; we are the exclusive Ingenico authorised service centre in New Zealand, cementing our position as the trusted custodians of your terminal’s performance.

Further details of our Hardware Warranty can be found here.

Direct Merchants, Tailored Service

We believe in treating each merchant uniquely, understanding that their requirements are as distinct as their business endeavours.

If you’ve purchased a Skyzer terminal and are currently having any trouble, get in touch with us as soon as possible and begin filling out the below:

At Skyzer, we understand that an EFTPOS terminal is more than just a device – it’s a crucial cog in your business’s machinery. Our warranty is a testament to our unwavering dedication to exceed the expected in providing you with the best in terms of technology and service.

Step into a world of reliability, backed by a promise that’s as solid as our terminals themselves. Discover the future of seamless transactions – because when you’re with us, you’re not just a customer; you’re a partner.

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