In a world grappling with pressing environmental challenges, Skyzer has stepped forward embracing sustainability as a core principle. With a deep understanding that sustainability is about ensuring the prosperity of both its business and future generations, Skyzer has embarked on a journey guided by pillars of sustainability. Through thoughtful initiatives and strategic partnerships, the company is actively reducing its environmental impact, fostering responsible resource management, and championing a greener future.

In the pursuit of environmental sustainability, Skyzer stands as a beacon within the payments industry within New Zealand of responsible business practices. As an integral part of its commitment to sustainability, Skyzer proudly utilises Ingenico terminals, aligning with Ingenico’s innovative eco-design approach—an essential pillar of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Let’s explore how Skyzer, in collaboration with Ingenico, is shaping a greener future through sustainable business practices with both our products and repair services.

Eco-Design at the Core

Recognising the pivotal role of eco-design in promoting responsible business, Skyzer has embraced Ingenico’s innovative and preventive product-oriented approach. Eco-design is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental obligation and an integral part of our CSR strategy. By meticulously considering every stage of the product life cycle, from design to disposal, Skyzer and Ingenico are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of payment terminals.

Ingenico’s Eco-Design Methodology

Ingenico’s CSR strategy revolves around a global eco-design model that systematically analyses the life cycle of payment terminals. The initial stage of design holds paramount importance, as it sets the blueprint for the environmental profile of each product. Through dedicated research and development, Ingenico focuses on key factors that contribute to a greener approach:

  1. Reducing raw materials and eliminating toxic substances
  2. Integrating sustainable procurement into the supply chain
  3. Reducing the carbon footprint of logistics
  4. Optimising the energy efficiency of terminals
  5. Enhancing recyclability and implementing recycling schemes for end-of-life devices

Skyzer’s Green Achievements

Through collaboration with Ingenico, Skyzer has witnessed tangible results in reducing its environmental impact. Significant reductions in raw material usage, particularly plastic, and the size of printed circuit boards have been achieved. Furthermore, energy consumption has been optimised, aligning with both companies’ commitment to delivering eco-friendly payment terminals.

We recognise that every action taken by a company has a potential impact on the environment. Guided by this awareness, we have woven environmental sustainability into our very fabric. Embracing a circular economy mindset, Skyzer identifies waste streams and takes meaningful steps to minimise them. Our commitment to reusing packaging, pallets, and shipping materials underscores its dedication to reducing unnecessary waste.

In a significant departure from conventional practices, Skyzer has chosen to eschew harsh chemical cleaning solutions in favor of environmentally friendly alternatives. This switch not only promotes a healthier workplace but also contributes to a cleaner planet. By adopting these sustainable alternatives, Skyzer demonstrates its commitment to responsible resource utilisation.

Skyzer’s dedication to sustainability extends to our repair processes. By reworking these processes, the company achieves improved results while generating less waste. This conscious effort not only enhances efficiency but also underscores Skyzer’s determination to minimise its ecological footprint.

Recognising that specialised expertise is essential for sustainable waste management, Skyzer has strategically partnered with reputable New Zealand organisations. By collaborating with partners such as Computer Recycling Ltd (ISO 14001 accredited), Rubbish Direct Ltd (ISO 14001 accredited), and Paper Reclaim Ltd, Skyzer ensures that various waste streams are managed in the most environmentally responsible manner. This commitment to responsible waste management reflects Skyzer’s determination to be a steward of the environment.

Future Commitments

Ingenico’s dedication to sustainable innovation extends into the future, with a commitment to making payment terminals 100% PVC-free within the next five years. Additionally, the company aims to supply its entire product range in recycled packaging. Initiatives to reduce energy consumption, expand digital receipt alternatives, and introduce sustainable procurement strategies through Terminal as a Service (TaaS) further showcase Ingenico’s holistic approach to environmental responsibility.

Skyzer’s Role in Sustainable Procurement

Skyzer actively participates in supporting refurbishing and reusing products, ensuring responsible end-of-life processing.

Skyzer has taken proactive steps to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Embracing a hybrid working model, the company has achieved significant reductions in flights and vehicle emissions. By slashing flight-related emissions by over 75%, Skyzer showcases the transformative potential of adopting flexible work arrangements.

Skyzer’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its immediate operations. The company’s team actively engages with local communities, contributing to the renewal of the environment. Planting native trees and cleaning local beaches are just some of the ways Skyzer empowers its employees to make a positive impact in their surroundings.

In collaboration with Ingenico, Skyzer is not only at the forefront of delivering best-in-class payment terminals but is also spearheading a positive impact on the environment. By integrating eco-design principles, reducing raw material usage, and committing to future sustainability goals, Skyzer and Ingenico are redefining payment industry standards. Green is more than a color—it’s a commitment to a responsible and environmentally friendly future. As businesses worldwide consider their environmental footprint, Skyzer and Ingenico stand as exemplars of a conscious and sustainable choice.

Skyzer’s unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability exemplifies the transformative power of business-driven initiatives. By incorporating sustainability across its operations and partnering with organisations that share its values, Skyzer is making meaningful strides toward a greener, more responsible future. As the company continues to lead by example, its holistic approach to sustainability serves as an inspiration for others in the New Zealand payments industry to follow suit. Through collaborative efforts and a steadfast commitment to preserving the planet, Skyzer is not only shaping its own success but also ensuring a thriving legacy for generations to come.

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