So, you’re ready to dive into the world of EFTPOS and revolutionise your business transactions. But wait, what exactly are the costs involved, and where do you begin? Fear not, because Skyzer is here to break it down for you, sans the jargon and confusion.

These are the monthly subscription fees or outright purchase costs associated with your EFTPOS terminal. The price depends on factors like the level of support needed, terminal model (fixed or mobile), and contract duration. Leasing offers flexibility, while outright purchase puts you in charge of compliance and upgrades.

Cost Breakdown Leasing: Expect to find around $30 – $50 + GST per month, per terminal. Purchasing: Prices typically range from $450 to $1,900 + GST per terminal.

These costs are directed to your terminal provider, ensuring you’re equipped with the right tools for seamless transactions.

This monthly fee goes to a payment network provider, facilitating transactions through your terminal. In New Zealand, your options boil down to the Verifone Network and the Worldline Network. Skyzer operates the Worldline Network, offering the most uninterrupted network in New Zealand for streamlined payments.

Cost Breakdown Worldline Network: $18.90 plus GST per terminal, per month. Verifone Network: $15.00 plus GST per terminal, per month.

Ideally, Worldline. But, the choice is yours.

Your terminal needs internet connectivity to link up with the payment network. This could be via Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, or mobile data (3G/4G).

Cost Breakdown Ethernet/Wi-Fi: No additional fees beyond your existing Internet Service Provider charges. Mobile Data: SIM card costs range around $13.00 plus GST per terminal, per month with other payment providers…

Internet provider for wired/wireless connections, and/or your terminal provider for mobile data SIM cards.

SIM Card

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With Skyzer, there are no hidden surprises or unexpected charges. We’re transparent about costs so you can focus on growing your business hassle-free. Ready to take the plunge into seamless EFTPOS transactions? Shop around our website or get in touch today… or don’t.

Check to see if your terminal is expiring this June 2024



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