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The announcement by Payments New Zealand mandates the removal of PCI v3 EFTPOS terminals from the market by June 30, 2024. Merchants must replace affected models before July 1, 2024, to comply with updated security standards. As the governing body for payment regulations, Payments New Zealand continually updates terminal lifecycles to safeguards payment transactions in the Aotearoa New Zealand.

Popular Affected PCI v3 Models:

Take our interactive quiz to see if your terminal may be expiring this June.

If you have any of the following EFTPOS terminals, get in touch as soon as possible as they will seize accepting transactions from the July 1, 2024.

Ingenico (Skyzer and Windcave)

iCT220, iCT250, iWL252, iWL255, iPP280, iPP310, and iPP350

Pax (SmartPay)

D200, D210, S900, S90, and S80


VX520, VX675, VX680, and VX820



You can find a full list of affected 3.x terminals directly from Payments NZ’s register.

Check out your current machine, usually you can find your model type/number on the front of the terminal, to see whether you have one of the affected products – Payments New Zealand estimates there are nearly 70,000 terminals operating in the New Zealand market will need to be replaced. So there is a good chance yours may need to be upgrading!

As the sunset date rapidly approaches, more and more customers will begin requesting new terminals, so the sooner you upgrade, the quicker you’re back to transacting without missing a dollar.

Why Choose Colour?

We collaborate with you to select the ideal terminal and support plan for your business. Our seamless integration with POS partners prioritises your success. Whether you seek a simple update or have questions, our team is ready to assist. Embrace this transition confidently with our support.

Contact us for a smooth upgrade process. We’re here to guide you through the changes, ensuring a seamless and secure transition for your EFTPOS terminal.

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Check to see if your terminal is expiring this June 2024



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