In the dynamic world of payment solutions, staying ahead means tapping into emerging markets. At Skyzer, we’re excited to introduce UnionPay integration for your terminals—a gateway to China’s vast and growing market.

Unlock the Power of UnionPay

UnionPay isn’t just a card scheme brand; it’s a global phenomenon. As the sole card scheme brand in China and one of the world’s major players, UnionPay is a force to be reckoned with. In New Zealand alone, 230,000 people pay with UnionPay cards—a clear sign of significant business potential.

Seizing the Opportunity

With the Chinese market actively engaging in New Zealand, now is the time to prepare. Offer your customers the option to pay using UnionPay and position your business for success. UnionPay now provides both contactless and QR code payment services, making transactions even more convenient via mobile and wearable devices.

In the year ending March 2020, Chinese visitor expenditure in New Zealand reached an impressive $1.54 billion, with an average spend of $5,060 per visitor. Globally, UnionPay boasts over 8 billion issued cards, accepted in 179 countries and regions. In New Zealand, nearly 80,000 businesses already welcome UnionPay cards.

Introducing UnionPay Direct

Enter UnionPay Direct—an opportunity to expand your business potential. With your Skyzer EFTPOS terminal, you can now seamlessly accept payments from UnionPay debit and credit cards. Open your doors to more customers by letting them pay with their preferred method.

By choosing UnionPay, your customers benefit from no spending limits or high foreign exchange rates. Whether processed through the Worldline network or our UnionPay Direct add-on, you have the flexibility to choose how transactions are processed.

Why UnionPay Direct?

  • Grow Your Business Potential: Make more sales by giving UnionPay cardholders direct access to their accounts.
  • Offer the Same Payment Experience: UnionPay Direct provides the same payment experience that foreign tourists have in their home country.
  • Seamless Transition: Make the change with no interruption. We can help you get set up without the need to change any hardware.
  • Free to Set Up and Affordable to Accept: You only pay a fee when you make a sale, making it a cost-effective choice for your business.

How to Get Set Up with UnionPay Direct

Setting up UnionPay is a breeze. Choose between processing through the Worldline network or our UnionPay Direct add-on. If your merchant bank acts as your acquirer, a simple software update on compatible terminals allows you to accept UnionPay through the Worldline network.

If your bank doesn’t support UnionPay, fear not. We offer UnionPay Direct on your existing terminal. Sign the merchant agreement with UnionPay, let us know, and we’ll upload the software to your terminal.

To get UnionPay Direct on your EFTPOS terminal, simply complete the Merchant Agreement form on our website.

Why UnionPay Matters

UnionPay, previously known as China Union Pay or CUP, is more than just a card brand; it’s a preferred method of payment for Chinese visitors to New Zealand. As the second-largest card brand globally, UnionPay is a game-changer for merchants looking to cater to the increasing number of Chinese visitors.

The statistics don’t lie—the number of Chinese visitors to New Zealand is on the rise. Merchants now have the opportunity to accept UnionPay transactions, providing an alternate and convenient payment method for their overseas customers.

Join the global shift in payment preferences and welcome UnionPay to your business. With Skyzer’s seamless integration and UnionPay Direct, you’re not just accepting payments; you’re embracing a world of opportunities.

Don’t miss out—explore UnionPay with Skyzer today!

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