Skyzer Nitro

Integrate your POS System

Skyzer’s payment solution, Nitro, represents the pinnacle of fully integrated EFTPOS, where the terminal establishes a seamless and direct connection with your Point of Sale (POS) system.


Nitro is made up of two main components. The first is a POS resident software component that resides on the Point of Sale, and the second being a set of libraries located within the terminal application that allows dialogue between the terminal and the Point of Sale system.

What Is Nitro?

Nitro is an enterprise grade integrated EFTPOS system which is also the perfect solution for both small and medium size businesses. Nitro is easily scaled from a one lane retail store to an entire chain of multi-lane stores such as supermarket chains.

Nitro Merchants

Quite simply, Nitro can be integrated into any PC based POS system and is a suitable and cost-effective option for any size business, including:

  • Retailers
  • Franchises
  • Single lane sites
  • Multi-lane stores

Proven Track Record

Nitro has been using world-leading Ingenico hardware for over 15 years. Is currently installed in over 200,000 lanes across Australia and New Zealand. An array of terminal software features developed based on Skyzer’s vast New Zealand payment experience.


  • Supports POS systems using Windows, CE, Linux
  • Automatic remote software maintainence of terminal application
  • Scaling capability from one lane to an entire chain of multi-lane stores
  • Integration methods including .NET and TCP/IP
  • Ellimination of EFTPOS keying errors
  • Offers a choice of interface technologies to suit POS system environment
  • Worldline (formerly Paymark) certified


  • Redundancy capabilities – to ensure your EFTPOS system is always up and running
  • Loyalty programmes can be tailored to your needs
  • Proprietary gift card programmes
  • Mobile phone top-up
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Online content activation
  • Faster transaction processing time

Majority of our POS system partners are integrated with Nitro to make a seamless payment experience for the merchant and also the customer.

Check to see if your terminal is expiring this June 2024



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