Terminals that Add Value

Here’s what makes Skyzer EFTPOS terminals the perfect choice for your New Zealand business:


Unmatched Functionality: Our Ingenico terminals are world-class technology, offering fast processing, high performance, and ergonomic design.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Go beyond the ordinary transaction with our sleek and stylish EFTPOS machines. Make a positive impact on your customers with a touch of colour.

Added Value: A Skyzer terminal isn’t just a machine, it’s an investment in your business. Our solutions are designed to streamline operations and boost your brand.

Looking for EFTPOS terminals that are more than just functional? At Skyzer, we’re revolutionising the way businesses in New Zealand accept payments. Our Ingenico terminals are already innovative, secure, and user-friendly, but we believe there’s more to a great payment experience.


That’s why we offer a stunning range of coloured EFTPOS machines. We understand that your business is unique, and your EFTPOS terminal should reflect that. Choose from a variety of colours to complement your brand and create a lasting impression on your customers.


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Skyzer Colour Range

Elevating Brand Personality

We provide the ability for merchants to personalise their terminals to provide the opportunity to transform the payment experience into something memorable, something they are proud to have on display, terminals that contribute to the overall brand image, and that add great value to the personality of a brand.


Elevating your storefront, restaurant, front desk, etc. has never been easier. Innovative, reliable, and advanced technology meets style.


Shop the Skyzer color EFTPOS terminal range or get in touch to unlock a new level of customisation and excellence.

Sleek Purple Skyzer EFTPOS Terminal in Retail Shop

Point of Sale (POS) System Integrations

At Skyzer, we help all sizes and types of businesses succeed. Therefore, we invest in partnering with features that add value to enable your business to operate more efficiently.


Easily integrate your Skyzer EFTPOS terminal with the best in the industry POS providers. All you need is a POS system and a Skyzer EFTPOS Desk machine (alternatively, our Move series is an all-in-one EFTPOS machine, so you can begin transacting on day one with or without a POS system).


Our preferred POS-integrated partners are SwiftPOS, Gpos, Wizbang, Future Pos, and Red CatIf you need a POS solution, we highly recommend SwiftPOS which seamlessly and fully integrates with our terminals. For a full list of vendors, check out our POS integration partners.


Check to see if your terminal is expiring this June 2024



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