A Time For Change.

Tired of Boring EFTPOS? Upgrade Your Customer Experience in New Zealand

Is your current EFTPOS terminal a bland, grey afterthought? At Skyzer, we believe the payment experience can be more. We're shaking things up in the New Zealand payments industry with a focus on creating memorable customer interactions.

Our industry has settled for ``average.`` We see an opportunity to transform the checkout from a dull necessity into a positive touchpoint for your customers.

Introducing our colour range! We offer a range of stylish and modern EFTPOS solutions designed to:

Enhance your brand image: Stand out from the competition with a terminal that reflects your unique style.
Boost customer engagement: Create a lasting impression with a sleek and inviting payment option.
Go beyond the ordinary: Our terminals are packed with features to streamline your operations and delight your customers.

Don't settle for ``good enough.`` Elevate your customer experience with a Skyzer EFTPOS terminal. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative payment solutions for New Zealand businesses.


Experience Extraordinary.

First impressions are crucial, but last ones matter just as much. A recent survey found that 70% of customers consider the checkout experience their biggest pain point. In today's competitive landscape, customers expect a seamless and positive payment experience. Mediocre transactions simply won't cut it.

At Skyzer, we believe the payment process is more than just a functionality. It's your last chance to surprise and delight your customers, leaving a lasting positive impression that builds brand loyalty. Unfortunately, most EFTPOS terminals are a missed opportunity. Bland and uninspiring, they fail to engage customers and create a memorable experience.

That's where Skyzer comes in. Our innovative EFTPOS terminals go beyond the ordinary. We offer:
Sleek and Stylish Design: Stand out from the competition with a variety of modern and colourful EFTPOS terminals that complement your brand.
Enhanced Customer Engagement: Transform the checkout from a chore into a positive touchpoint with a user-friendly and inviting terminal.
Streamlined Operations: Our feature-rich EFTPOS solutions help you improve efficiency and reduce checkout times.

Don't settle for a forgettable checkout experience. Elevate your brand image and boost customer satisfaction with a Skyzer EFTPOS terminal.

Since 2007

Skyzer DNA

Innovative, Cutting-Edge
At Skyzer, we are adaptable and attuned to the demands of today’s dynamic market. We see beyond technology and tailor our interfaces to anticipate the needs of merchants and consumers.
Fast And Secure
Our software is consistently best-in-class. Our software is engineered to keep up with the latest technology developments, ensuring optimal speed and security for our merchants and their customers.
Elevating Brand
We help you design and lift your customer's experience by offering more than a payment solution. We elevate the overall brand experience by developing creative advantages that empower merchants to enrich their point of sale experience.
Bespoke Solutions
We feel that payment can be personal. Our wide range of merchant service solutions are flexible and adaptable to your needs. Our breadth of knowledge enables us to advise you accurately on the right payment solution to create the best experience for your customers
Simple sophistication
A seamless payment experience is essential to our offering. Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication and we refine our software to be as intuitive as possible. Our developers are always searching for ways to improve the user interface, making the experience as painless as possible.
Unexpected Elegance
Our focus on aesthetics means our products are unexpectedly beautiful. Challenging the expectations of the payment industry, we go well beyond the bare minimum by balancing functionality and beauty.

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