Monthly Software Compliance


Stay secure, stay compliant.


Software Compliance is your mandatory monthly shield, ensuring your EFTPOS terminal operates seamlessly and adheres to industry standards. Empowering your business with the latest updates, keeping you at the forefront of payments security.

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Every Skyzer terminal requires a monthly Software Compliance payment. It is a necessity to maintain terminals at Payments New Zealand standards and ensure their seamless operation.

Mandatory Fee Structure

For terminals under rental contracts, this fee is seamlessly included. However, for outright purchases of terminals, the software compliance fee is structured as a monthly payment agreement, ensuring uninterrupted compliance.

Automatic Updates

The purpose of this fee is simple yet crucial—to guarantee that your equipment aligns with existing and upcoming software updates required by Payments New Zealand. These updates, released periodically by Skyzer, are delivered and installed automatically over your internet connection via our Skyzer Terminal Management System.


Software Compliance was introduced and designed to keep the entire payments ecosystem at the forefront of security standards. Continuous payment software updates and upgrades are imperative to meet industry benchmarks. We’ve kept this as modest as possible to empower your business with the latest updates and keep our merchants at the forefront of payments security.