POS Integration


For a monthly fee of $7 plus GST, you can integrate your Point of Sale system with your Skyzer terminal.


Check out our partners below, and opt for POS integration to make your payments management that much easier.

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Point of Sale System Partners

We invest in partnering with features that add value to enable your business to operate more efficiently. Easily integrate your Skyzer EFTPOS terminal with the best in the industry Point of Sale systems. All you need is a POS system and a Skyzer EFTPOS machine.


Our preferred POS-integrated partners are SwiftPOS, Gpos, Wizbang, Future Pos, and Red Cat. But we also partner with over 120+ other POS systems to make our merchants’ lives easier. For a full list, check out our POS Integration Partners.


POS Integration is not required to operate the Move 5000 – it can fully function without a POS system. Making it the perfect terminal option for those smaller businesses just getting started.