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Using Paymark Insights to Optimise Your Business

20 Dec

If your EFTPOS terminal is connected to the Paymark network, then you can use the new Paymark Insights software to keep an eye on your data and optimise your business. 

Your business is like a plant; you need to watch it to see what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to make it grow.

With Paymark Insights, all of your transaction data is available on an aggregated dashboard, so you can compare all of your data at once and optimise your business for better performance. You’re also able to track every single transaction made in-store live, and click on each one for more information including the amount transacted and the payment method.

Explore the capabilities of Paymark Insights below and discover how you can use the data to elevate and grow your business.

Understand the Trajectory of Your Business

The live business performance statistics available through Paymark Insights allows business owners to compare performance on a week-to-week basis. All of the transactions made through your EFTPOS machine are mapped into an easily-interpreted bar graph, then compared on-screen to the previous week’s revenue. 

Using this feature, you can:

  • Track effectively particular sales campaigns.
  • Understand which days your business is busiest, and roster your staff accordingly.
  • Watch for drops in the trajectory of business growth, and course-correct with new marketing plans or promotions.

Identify Effective Loyalty Schemes 

Without reliable data, it can be difficult to know if a loyalty scheme is fetching you return customers, or if it’s simply draining your available resources. Paymark Insights has a way to aggregate and simplify customer data, showing you how much revenue is being generated by returning customers and how many people stepping through the door are brand new.

By using this feature, Kiwi business owners can check on the efficacy of their loyalty schemes. You can also track how effective your marketing is by identifying the percentage of new and return customers based on your transactions.

If one revenue stream is much larger than the other, use that insight to bring the business into equilibrium and balance a loyal customer base with a constant stream of new business potentials.

Manage Multiple Stores with Simplified Data

If you manage multiple stores at once and you’re having a hard time tracking their revenue, then you can use Paymark Insights to look at all of the data side-by-side (as long as all of their EFTPOS machines are connected to Paymark). Check on:

  • Overall sales.
  • Revenue.
  • Returning customer percentages.

Additionally, you can delve into each store’s data, including their performance week-to-week, and rank them according to overall performance. Using this feature, you can identify which store needs help and in which area, so nothing slips through the gaps.

Perhaps one store doesn’t offer a particular payment method and is therefore losing revenue, or the location of the store is making it difficult to find. You can only counteract issues like these if you know they are there, so make sure that you are utilising this software if your terminals are connected to the Paymark network.

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